Emily Christensen, Ph.D., has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development, a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling, and her doctorate is in Marriage and Family Therapy.  A clinician for more than 20 years, Dr. Christensen has primarily served foster, adopted, and blended families struggling with patterns of acting out behaviors and negative interactions in effort to bring clarity and mutual understanding to increase bonding, improve attachment, and create a more peaceful environment in the home.  She runs the Parenting Class Solutions website.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for the National Foster Parent Association.

Dr. Christensen decided to serve with her husband as a foster parent when she witnessed the desperate situation of so many little ones who were ready to be discharged from inpatient services but had no placement available.  Their dramatic and award-winning story, Keeping Kyrie, tells their story of fostering more than eighty children in four years.  Ultimately, they adopted six special needs children that continue to keep them on their toes.  These experiences transformed Dr. Christensen's clinical skills with personal experiences that have shaped her gift for supporting, educating, and healing families. 

She has collaborated with her children on other books as well.  Baby Kyrie's PRS ABC is an ABC picture book for medically fragile children, written with her two year old daughter.  CP and Me is a children's picture book about Cerebral Palsy, written with her eight year old son.  Marvelous Mary is a children's picture book about being Deaf with Cochlear Implants.  Gee-Whiz, G-Tube! is a children's book about the experience of feeding tubes, and transitioning from ng tube to g-tube.  Upcoming releases include children's books on autism, foster care, and adoption.  Check out the children's YouTube channel here, including playlists for education, parenting, and the popular song parodies and covers.  You can also follow the family on the Keeping Kyrie fan page on Facebook.

CV available upon request.  Please use the contact button below for speaking engagement and public appearance requests.